Great reviews of Avakhan's new single!

The english music press has described the Avakhan’s latest single Just Let Go  as a club and radio hit with ”An outrageously addictive chorus…”
See the quotes below:
..”Just Let Go, a buoyant, churning indie pop record…Ava’s sugary chorus is the moment of the record, an irresistible that’s hard not to sing along with eventually… it should get plenty of burn in clubs and on radio stations worldwide”
-Impose Magazine, UK
”This Swedish trio have just put out a joyous synthpop belter that we have been listening to a lot this week…The song has been described to us having a Tegan & Sara-esque sound, and we’d definitely agree on that one. It’s a fun, tongue-in-cheek track with a catchy melody and a lovable production.”
-Scandipop, UK
” An outrageously addictive chorus paired with Tegan And Sara – esque vibrant vocals is the perfect combination for what feels like a summery hit.”
-The Hype Magazine, UK